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Past Productions

Theatre Dance Centre is very proud of all our past productions and we have quite a significant track record. Kathleen (director) has accomplished many ballets and theatre productions in California at prestigious theatres with professional dancers and actors, as well as, students. In Winnipeg, some of our terrific and memorable shows have been Les Miserables, The Velveteen Rabbit, The Mitten, Into The Woods, Peter Pan, Snake Oil, Alice In Wonderland, Oliver Twist, Madagascar, Twelfth Night, and The Wizard of Oz. Our studio sets itself apart, in that we offer, performing arts classes and opportunities to perform in our productions.


The Wiz

Pending Script rights This musical theatre extravaganza will rehearse no Sundays with Yvanne DanDan. Open to ages 7 and up. We are excited to announce this production. Kids and Young Adults can audition. More information to follow soon. To guarantee a spot in the production please register for the Sunday Musical Theatre Class. Everyone who auditions will get a role.


Hansel and Gretel

This very funny version is beginning the fall (Sept). Our acting class that meets Saturday’s at 1:00 will be performing this play for their year end production and possibly for Fringe Festival. (July 2020) Open to ages 10 and up by audition/invitation. Auditions in September- register for the class asap as it will fill up.



This is the production that will begin in the fall (Sept) for ages 10 and up and rehearses on Saturdays at 4:00 Maggie Dalke will be the musical director and Kathleen Henry will direct and choreograph. Rights are pending. The production will be scheduled for early June. Auditions to be held soon so please stay posted for more details!



Annie is the musical theatre production that will rehears on Tuesdays at 6:00 beginning in September..This is pending script rights. The production will be scheduled for May. Theatre and Dates TBA. Instructor Arielle Block will head up the musical numbers. Auditions will be announced soon so stay tuned!


Right To Breath

This is our new show headed for Fringe Festival in July. Will be performed at the West End Cultural Centre from July 18 to July 28 exact times and dates tba..The Right To Breath is a Hiphop/Narrative Collection that looks at the roots of Hiphop and confronts systemic racism. Suitable for all ages but parents should be warned- some strong language content.